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Parents are encouraged to volunteer at New Horizons Charter Academy. Classroom volunteers enable teachers to provide more individual attention to students, while office volunteers enable administrative personnel to meet the needs of students more effectively by providing additional personnel.

All volunteers are asked to abide by the following guidelines (also outlined in our Parent Volunteer Policy):

  • Fill out a volunteer application  and submit it to the school office.
  • Provide a TB Test clearance to the office. (The test results must no more than two years old.)
  • Make arrangements with the school office 48 hours prior to volunteering at the school.
  • On the day of, sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass from office personnel.
  • Communicate with teachers/administrators regarding expectations for volunteering needs.
  • Sign out in the office at the end of volunteering.

Volunteer hours are applied to 30 hours of total hours for school year per Parent Engagement Guidelines.

NHCA shall not require a parent or legal guardian of a prospective or enrolled student to  perform volunteer service hours, or make payment of fees or other monies, goods, or services in lieu of performing volunteer service, as a condition of his/her child’s admission, continued enrollment, attendance, or participation in  NHCA’s educational activities, or otherwise discriminate against a student in any manner because his/her parent cannot, has not, or will not provide volunteer service to NHCA. No student will be denied admission, disenrolled, or receive a reduced grade or loss of educational benefit if parents choose not to volunteer.


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