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Parents and relatives are encouraged to visit our school. All visitors are required to submit a request prior to their visit using the form below or by calling the office. Please familiarize yourself with the visitor policies below before your visit.

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Visitor Policies

  • Visits during school hours should first be arranged with the teacher and Executive Director or designee, at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance. If a conference is desired, an appointment should be set with the teacher during non-instructional time, at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance. Parents seeking to visit a classroom during school hours must first obtain the approval of the classroom teacher and the Executive Director or designee.
  • All visitors shall register in the Visitors Log Book and complete a Visitor’s Permit in the main office immediately upon entering any school building or grounds when during regular school hours. When registering, the visitor is required to provide his/her name, address, age (if under 21), his/her purpose for entering school grounds, and proof of identity. For purposes of school safety and security, the Executive Director or designee may design a visible means of identification for visitors while on school premises.
  • Except for unusual circumstances, approved by the Executive Director, school visits should not exceed approximately sixty (60) minutes in length and may not occur more than twice per semester.
  • While on campus, visitors are to enter and leave classrooms as quietly as possible, not converse with any student, teacher, or other instructional assistant unless permitted, and not interfere with any school activity. No electronic listening or recording device may be used in a classroom without the teacher’s and Executive Director’s written permission.
  • Before leaving campus, the visitor shall return the Visitor’s Permit and sign out of the Visitors Log Book in the main office.
  • The Executive Director, or designee, may refuse to register a visitor or volunteer if it is believed that the presence of the visitor or volunteer would cause a threat of disruption or physical injury to teachers, other employees, or students.
  • The Executive Director or designee may withdraw consent to be on campus even if the visitor has a right to be on campus whenever there is reason to believe that the person has willfully disrupted or is likely to disrupt the school’s orderly operation. If consent is withdrawn by someone other than the Executive Director, the Executive Director may reinstate consent for the visitor if the Executive Director believes that the person’s presence will not constitute a disruption or substantial and material threat to the school’s orderly operation. Consent can be withdrawn for up to fourteen (14) days.
  • The Executive Director or designee may request that a visitor who has failed to register, or whose registration privileges have been denied or withdrawn, promptly leave school grounds. When a visitor is directed to leave, the Executive Director or designee shall inform the visitor that if he/she reenters the school without following the posted requirements he/she will be guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • Any visitor that is denied registration or has his/her registration revoked may request a conference with the Executive Director. The request shall be in writing, shall state why the denial or revocation was improper, shall give the address to which notice of conference is to be sent, and shall be delivered to the Executive Director with fourteen (14) days of the denial or revocation of consent. The Executive Director shall promptly mail a written notice of the date, time, and place of the conference to the person who requested the conference. A conference with the Executive Director shall be held within seven (7) days after the Executive Director receives the request. If no resolution can be agreed upon, the Executive Director shall forward notice of the complaint to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall address the Complaint at the next regular board meeting and make a final determination.
  • At each entrance to the campus, signs shall be posted specifying the hours during which registration is required, stating where the office of the Executive Director or designee is located, and what route to take to that office, and setting forth the penalties for violation of this policy.
  • The Executive Director or designee shall seek the assistance of the police in managing or reporting any visitor in violation of this policy.