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We know how much fun it is to celebrate a child’s birthday in the classroom. While we make every effort to make your child’s birthday a special day, we’ve asked our teachers to limit birthday celebrations to once a month. We do this so that the rest of the time in class can be dedicated to instruction and learning.

We believe that eating healthy is one of the most important parts of every child’s school experience. Below are some guidelines regarding snacks that you may bring to a birthday celebration:

Beverage requirements:

  • 100% juice or 50% fruit juice with no added sweetener
  • Vegetable-based drinks that are no less than 50% vegetable juice and no added sweetener
  • Water with no added sweetener
  • 2% fat milk, 1%milk, nonfat milk, soy milk, rice milk or other similar non-dairy milks

Food requirements:

  • Not more than 35% of individual snack food calories shall be from fat (excluding eggs, nuts, nut butter and cheese (EC Sections 7CFR 210.10)
  • Not more than 10% of individual snack food calories shall be from saturated fat and trans fats combined, excluding eggs and cheese (EC Sections 7CFR 210.10)
  • Not more than 35% of its calories shall come from sugar (EC Sections 49431& 49431.2, 7CFR 210.10)
    Calories shall not exceed 250 calories per serving for snack items (EC Section 49431.2)

Birthday celebrations may also include one item, per celebration, that does not fit within this nutritional guideline, for example, one slice of pizza or, a small cupcake. The item must be planned with the classroom teacher and approved by the Principal or Vice Principal.

If you plan on attending and participating in your child’s classroom party, please fill out the Visitor Form 48 hours in advance.